Pago de Otazu Range

A selection designed for those guided by wisdom in their perpetual search for new sensory experiences.

Our wines are the fruit of a manual and selective harvest in vineyards with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin Pago (D.O.P. Pago), the highest wine category that a wine can obtain in Spain. This honor is reserved exclusively for those vineyards that are not only distinguished by a unique climate and terroir, but also transform these unparalleled characteristics into wines of outstanding quality.

The artwork that adorns the labels of this range of wines takes its inspiration from the sculptures ‘Guardian I’ and ‘Guardian II’ by artist Xavier Mascaró. These works, reminiscent of guardian Buddhas, present a diversity of textures and oxidations that represent the perpetuity of time. Placed majestically in front of the vineyard, they symbolize the protection of these sacred lands, preserving their history and their precious fruits.

"The essence of Otazu terroir"

- Xabier Mascaró -

White 100% Chardonnay
Long, fine minerality, elegant and balanced
No. of bottles: 5,898
Red wine 57% Merlot and 43% Cabernet Sauvignon
Silky mouthfeel, fine, long and elegant finish
Number of bottles: 24,000