1Ha. Una Historia Range

This line of wines was born from the ambition to discover and enhance the unique characteristics of the Otazu terroir. To this end, we have created an exclusive series of single-varietal wines, each originating from a specific vineyard, chosen for its exceptional ability to provide each grape variety with the ideal conditions to fully express its best qualities.

The “1Ha. Una Historia” collection is a celebration of this uniqueness. Each wine, limited to just 800 bottles per edition, offers a unique experience, allowing aficionados to explore and appreciate the distinctive essence of each variety.

This range stands out not only for its oenological exclusivity, but also for its fusion with art. In collaboration with photographer Jordi Bernadó, the labels of each bottle in this series are a work of art in themselves, uniting the people who are part of the winery’s history with Otazu’s evocative landscapes. This synergy between wine and art glimpses not only the quality of the terroir, but also the rich heritage and surrounding landscape.

"A permanent challenge, which pushes us every year to interpret the vagaries of the weather"

- Jordi Bernadó -

Red 100% Grenache
Fluid with fresh red fruit, vibrant, good length. Long and silky in the mouth
Nº of bottles: 494
White 100% Chardonnay
Fresh, with development, long and balanced
Nº of bottles: 748